Three’s Architects Ltd. was established in 2003 by a team of dedicated professionals who aim to provide a unique, innovative and yet pragmatic design solution for every project. While bearing insights into the ever-changing global design trends, we firmly maintain our stance in developing our own design attitude and delivering good design that is both appropriate and sustainable through times, from an aesthetic and functional point of view.


Without superimposing any predetermined design style or philosophy, we focus on our attitude and methodology of design development. We treasure the invaluable wisdom of collective thinking and team work which helps foster ideas with greater diversity and profundity. In practice we adopt a collaborative approach throughout the in-house creative process and always maintain an interactive relationship with our clients in sharing our understanding of the projects.


Enriching our creativity and complementing our intuitive minds, we possess strong technical know-hows and solid experience over a full spectrum of professional services, including master planning, architectural and interior design, statutory submissions as well as project management. With our unrelenting effort on and close attention to service quality and efficiency, we have successfully realized an impressive amount and variety of projects in Hong Kong and mainland China. Eyes wide open, we are committed to further broadening our company vision and strive for success in propagating our company spirit and extending our quality services worldwide.


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